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Session 1
Information Literacy :
The Whys and Wherefores

Essential Question:
What is "information literacy" and why is it important to our teaching?

Did You Know? - flash version with no sound:
Did You Know?

Reading: "Tuning In to Jon Stewart, and Britney Schmidt"

How Much Information? - Study done at University of California, Berkeley

Information Literacy Overview - flash version: Information Literacy Overview

Learning for the 21st Century - Partnership for 21st Century Skills Report - Abbreviated version

Learning in the 21st Century - Marc Prensky - flash version: Learning in the 21st Century

Information Problems worksheet

Blog: Your thoughts on tonight's discussion.

Links of Interest   Additional Optional Readings

David Warlick

Wesley Fryer's blogging on literacy



Literacy in the Digital Age

The World is Flat - Book Summary